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Sara Gibbons – Create A Beautiful Life

Life after Divorce – The Phoenix Programme

Your life is stuck in the ashes of breakup, but in your heart you want to feel free and be able to fly into the beautiful life you always thought could be yours.

Cells are the building blocks and foundation of life. If you want your body to be healthy and strong the cells must be healthy and strong.  Care for the cells and everything flows from there.

It’s the same with our lives. When you know what action to take you get the results you want.

I work with people so they can find that solid foundation, physically, emotionally and psychologically, and build their strength from there, so their world never needs to rock at that foundation level again.  Ever!

With The Phoenix Programme you can rise up and be the powerful, compassionate and purpose driven woman you really are, living the life you’ve always wanted.

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