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Welcome to the Help Your Cellves website,

a place for information on the foundations of health, wellbeing and personal freedom.

10378132_10203794284190821_828490818234347701_nI started this site as a blog a few years ago now when, after a couple of decades of researching into health matters and running my own business in the health and wellbeing fields, I came across a new breakthrough concerning redox signalling molecules (RSM).

Since then I have been fascinated by the significance of these molecules to the optimum healthy functioning of the body and also how generally to give cells, the body’s building blocks, what they really need.  There is currently a tendency to label diseases and then seek to resolve the issue, often by the use of drugs or natural products, in a piecemeal, reductionist way.  In contrast by giving the cells what they need to function at peak efficiency they then have an inclination get on and do what they know best how to do, i.e. to stay healthy.  Simply put if we have healthy cells we have healthy organs and tissues and a healthy body.

Over time this site has had a change of emphasis (and title!)but the constant theme throughout has and continues to be looking at how can we stay healthy, have vibrant energy and enjoy life to the full.

I am not a doctor or an MD, and what I offer here is not intended and should not be taken as as a substitute for professional medical advice.  I do not seek to diagnose, treat or cure.  What I aim to do is to share quality information that I have tested for myself and found goes to the very source and heart of good health.

It would be my pleasure if you would join me on these pages. I look forward to communicating.

Warm wishes

Sara Gibbons

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