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There has recently been a major breakthrough in health science that is having an amazing effect on skin


RENU28 is a skin repair gel that is achieving remarkable results in 28 days, or even less!

RENU28 utilises the remarkable new technology of stabilised redox signalling molecules so it actually repairs the cells of your skin in a way that nothing else on the market comes even close to. Only 4 ingredients, 100% safe and non-toxic.



Clinical trials utilising digital scanning techniques,from the world renowned dermatoligical research institute Dermatest showed:-

• 21% decrease in eye wrinkle depth2014-07-22_Before_AndAfterEye

• 23% improvement in overall wrinkles

• 22% improvement in facial skin texture

• 23% improvement in smoothness of skin

• 20% increase in elasticity

• 11% increase in moisture content (despite the product containing no moisturising ingredients)



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