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The Truth About Network Marketing

The Truth about Network Marketing

When people hear a product is being promoted via network marketing there are often a few reactions ranging from caution to outright indignation.  So is network marketing itself a scam, a deception or does it have something legitimate to offer? In this post I will be looking at a few common responses and asking if they are founded in truth.

Is network marketing the same as pyramid selling?

No.  Pyramid selling involves

Verdis Norton, CEO And Co-founder Speaks About ASEA And Network Marketing

Verdis Norton, CEO and co-founder speaks about ASEA and network marketing

Verdis Norton was for years associated in a leadership position with one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world as the VP Strategy of Kraft foods a Fortune 500 company. Why after a long and highly successful career in corporate America did he come out of retirement and start a network marketing company?  He explains :-

Verdis Norton, CEO and founder of ASEA

Verdis Norton

“ASEA, LLC is the exclusive patent holder of the technology that produces Redox Signaling molecules. We are building a business on the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling molecules that exists outside living cells – the same molecules produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell of our body. These vitally important molecules help activate antioxidants, promote cellular health, enhance cellular communication, and speed the healing response – all functions critical to good health.

My vision is that ASEA will be a household name five years from now. It will be a name that is known around the world. We will be thriving in multiple countries throughout the globe. People will look at ASEA and recognize it as real and something that everyone needs.

ASEA is obviously

How To Give Yourself And Your Business A Quick Boost

How to give yourself and your business a quick boost

Clear the Clutter
It’s springtime and the sun is shining. It’s a good time not only for a spring clean but also for a spring clearing. Living and working in amongst things we don’t really need or want drains our energy and keeps us stuck. This is particularly critical when your home is your office.  If you want to give yourself and your business a quick boost then you could try taking an honest look at your working space. For example is your work space supporting you by having everything you need and easy to access or is it taking your time and energy to find things? Find some time to declutter your environment and see how much brighter and positive you feel.

Here are some tips to get started

How To Choose A Network Marketing Company For Your Success

How to Choose a Network Marketing Company for Your Success

7 key things to consider when deciding which network marketing to choose.

network marketing worldwideThere are many very good network marketing companies out there, and many of them offer terrific opportunities for regular folk to make a decent, if not considerable income, even in these tough economic times.  But not all network marketing companies offer the same opportunities.  How do you choose which is best for you?  Here are a few key points to take into account when making your decision.

  1. MARKET NICHE Look for a product that people actually need or are looking for, bearing in mind the economic climate and the demographics.  For example the aging ‘baby boomers’ (who control a huge percentage of the finances) want to stay young and healthy, and the health and anti aging market is predicted to stay strong; they might also want to write their wills, or have specialist estate handling or legal advice etc.
  2. QUALITY PRODUCT Choose a company with a high quality product. You need to
Forget The Lottery, Create Your Own Wealth

Forget The Lottery, Create Your Own Wealth

What do the following things all have in common?

* Winning the lottery

* Earning millions of dollars through your career

* Inheriting a family fortune

* Recording a hit song

* Writing a bestselling book

* Creating residual income through network marketing


Whilst there may be several similarities, a key one here is that they can all provide you with ongoing income and wealth that you won’t have to continuously work for, day after day; one where you can choose your own lifestyle and not be dictated to by the demands of earning a daily living.

In theory you can use any of these methods to create the financial stability and life you want, and also to create more time for yourself and your family and the things you want to do in your spare time, as well as being able to have the spare time in which to do it.

But there is one significant difference between creating residual income from your own network marketing business and all the other things on the list:

Building A Business In Network Marketing

Building a Business in Network Marketing

Taking a look at the first key steps to building a successful business in network marketing, and sharing with conviction.

building a businessThis week we had our first ‘team meeting’ via Skype.  At the moment there are just the five of us.  It was a delight to get together and share.  And it was fun.

Network marketing is simple but that is not the same as easy. It is about inviting people to look at the product, or the business opportunity, or both.

The one thing that will grow the business is

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