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Time For A Break

Time for a break

This weekend it feels like it’s time to recharge the batteries.  It's been a busy week working on setting up systems for the long term of the business, a process which seems to take forever. Spring has been in the…

Keeping On Track, And Keeping Track!

Keeping on track, and keeping track!

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and then distracted from the tasks that are going to move the business forward.

Keeping track

Tracking can help see what’s useful and what isn’t. There’s also a need for both short term gain activities and longer term, so bearing in mind there’s a danger of sounding like Bridget Jones’s diary for network marketers, here is the summary:

Making a difference whilst making a living

Is making a difference whilst making a living really possible or is it too good to be true?

making a living, keeping integrity

Nurses, teachers, social and care workers are all professions that want to contribute to people’s lives but many don’t necessarily make decent earnings in relation to their contributions.  In fact making an ethical and worthwhile difference in our society has virtually become synonymous with not really making much of a living.  There are people working really really hard to make ends meet and make a difference at the same time and yet in reality not getting much of a living for themselves or their family.

What Happened to the Health, Wealth and Leisure Blog?

In this post I’ll be looking at the question of how I got stuck writing my blog and setting up a business so soon after just beginning, why that happened and what I decided to do about it.

Hello again

I posted my first blog and then went very quiet.  What happened?

I’ll tell you exactly what happened, I got swamped with information and choices of where to go and so I got stuck. 

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