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How To End Stress, Stop Worrying, And Start Living Life To The Full – Some Key Tips

How to end stress, stop worrying, and start living life to the full – some key tips

Stress is a significant part of many people’s lives

We could also call it ‘worry’.  If we’re worrying about the future, or reliving and fretting about the past, we cannot be living in the only time we have in which to live – NOW.  If we’re living in the present we can for example, fully enjoy our meal, our home, nature, being with and listening to our companions or children etc.  If we’re thinking about other things such as our work or problems when we are with others or eating a meal for example, then that’s where our energy is.  If we are going to end stress, stop worrying and live life to the full we have to find a way to be fully present. We need to be the key character in our own lives. We need to be completely aware of everything we do.

So how can we stop the chatterbox of the mind that continually takes us away from present moment living?

While we are fully listening, or totally focused on an activity or project, we cannot be thinking.  Here are a few exercises to get you started.

The Truth About Network Marketing

The Truth about Network Marketing

When people hear a product is being promoted via network marketing there are often a few reactions ranging from caution to outright indignation.  So is network marketing itself a scam, a deception or does it have something legitimate to offer? In this post I will be looking at a few common responses and asking if they are founded in truth.

Is network marketing the same as pyramid selling?

No.  Pyramid selling involves

Scientific Study Proves ASEA Gives More Energy For Life, To Everyone!

Scientific study proves ASEA gives more energy for life, to everyone!

Whilst athletes say….

“Now you have the elite scientists confirming what the elite athletes have already known; and it really makes ASEA impossible to ignore.” Cody Waite, professional cyclist

“ With ASEA I know that I can swim faster, and it’s nice to know that these PhD’s agree with me!” Diana MacManus, 3 times US National swim champion

….science has proved that everyone can reap the benefits of ASEA

The implications of this recent study by the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory go far beyond the world of elite athletes; it affects everyone who drinks ASEA.  Because the results of the study showed major changes took place BEFORE exercise, the athleticism of the test group was a non factor; the benefits came from simply drinking ASEA


The results showed that

Verdis Norton, CEO And Co-founder Speaks About ASEA And Network Marketing

Verdis Norton, CEO and co-founder speaks about ASEA and network marketing

Verdis Norton was for years associated in a leadership position with one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world as the VP Strategy of Kraft foods a Fortune 500 company. Why after a long and highly successful career in corporate America did he come out of retirement and start a network marketing company?  He explains :-

Verdis Norton, CEO and founder of ASEA

Verdis Norton

“ASEA, LLC is the exclusive patent holder of the technology that produces Redox Signaling molecules. We are building a business on the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling molecules that exists outside living cells – the same molecules produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell of our body. These vitally important molecules help activate antioxidants, promote cellular health, enhance cellular communication, and speed the healing response – all functions critical to good health.

My vision is that ASEA will be a household name five years from now. It will be a name that is known around the world. We will be thriving in multiple countries throughout the globe. People will look at ASEA and recognize it as real and something that everyone needs.

ASEA is obviously

Get More Energy With ASEA – Here’s The Proof

Get more energy with ASEA – here’s the proof

The breakthrough research highlighted in ASEA Frontiers: Metabolites indicates that drinking ASEA mobilized fuel from fat stores in the athletes. That’s great, because more energy is packed into fatty tissue (by weight) than any other fuel source in the body. With equal amounts of carbohydrates, glycogens, and fatty acids, you could jog 30 minutes on carbohydrates, 3-4 hours on glycogens, but 60-80 hours on fatty acids!

Find out more

Breakthrough research on ASEA wows scientists!

What causes respected scientists to make statements like these?

‘When we saw it we could hardly believe it!’ ‘, or ‘When the results came in I was, like, Wow!’

New breakthrough research shows profound benefits to the body as a result of drinking ASEA, changes that elite athletes have known for some time through their own experiences of improved endurance, performance and recovery.

Scientists speak about their findings here

The research, conducted by the renowned Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University, validates what ASEA drinkers all around the world already know: ASEA has significant positive benefits to the body.  The research findings were so significant that