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Building A Business

Building a Business in Network Marketing

Taking a look at the first key steps to building a successful business in network marketing, and sharing with conviction.

building a businessThis week we had our first ‘team meeting’ via Skype.  At the moment there are just the five of us.  It was a delight to get together and share.  And it was fun.

Network marketing is simple but that is not the same as easy. It is about inviting people to look at the product, or the business opportunity, or both.

The one thing that will grow the business is to keep talking to new people, show them the tools of your trade, (videos, stories, your own experience, presentations about the product and business etc.) and then follow up.  Not everyone will be interested.  The skill is then to sort those who are and those who are not.  To sort out those you want to work with and those you maybe don’t.  It’s important to find out what each individual is really motivated by and what problems they have to solve.  If you can help them solve a problem with your product you have a likely customer and a potential business partner.  It has nothing to do with the common view of ‘selling’ as being about persuading someone to do something they don’t really want to do.  That really does not sound like fun at all and is not a good foundation on which to build a strong business.

As a rising star networker said recently about the way she approaches people concerning her product, ‘In all my 21 yrs of working in the field of health I’ve tested 100’s of products, but I would never put my name to any of them – I feel like I waited 21 yrs for the right one and knew it as soon as I took my first mouthful of ASEA.  I don’t ‘sell’ ASEA, I don’t recommend it as the one and only product to take, and I don’t discuss it much with those who have no interest in taking responsibility for their own health or those who are not interested in owning their own business. For myself, I am my own living proof of what happened to me when no other product including hydrogen peroxide and wheatgrass could touch the root of my problem from birth.’  That’s conviction, and that’s what is coming shining through when this lady is speaking to people who ARE interested in their own health or having their own business.  That conviction is affecting her team, her team are then experiencing the same conviction for themselves and as a result her team is growing – fast. I should know, I’m in it!  Hold on to your hat.  It also means there is no wasted energy talking to people who simply aren’t interested.  We can be convinced ourselves but it is not our job to convince others.  Big difference.

I now have a small team of people who both love the product and want to share it with interested others, with the aim of helping those they know who want to help themselves to better health or to have more financial security by building a business.   The more people we share with the more we can help.  Together our aim is to make a living by making a difference.

When I look back on this blog I may well see this as the turning point for my business and those of the team I’m working with in order to, in turn, develop their own teams.

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits.  They will be embarrassingly large” Henry Ford

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