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What do the following things all have in common?

* Winning the lottery

* Earning millions of dollars through your career

* Inheriting a family fortune

* Recording a hit song

* Writing a bestselling book

* Creating residual income through network marketing


Whilst there may be several similarities, a key one here is that they can all provide you with ongoing income and wealth that you won’t have to continuously work for, day after day; one where you can choose your own lifestyle and not be dictated to by the demands of earning a daily living.

In theory you can use any of these methods to create the financial stability and life you want, and also to create more time for yourself and your family and the things you want to do in your spare time, as well as being able to have the spare time in which to do it.

But there is one significant difference between creating residual income from your own network marketing business and all the other things on the list: winning the lottery isn’t reliably possible to do, and making millions at a conventional business venture isn’t particularly easy, whilst being an heir to an immense family fortune is quite unlikely. Also, when was the last time you tried writing a hit book or song? These things aren’t a realistic choice for most of us. But creating healthy residual income through network marketing is. I know of one network marketer, a young guy, who takes his computer to the gym, types a few things on it, works out, takes a few calls, has a swim, and then drives off in his Aston Martin.  Someone at his gym was so intrigued they even asked if he was a drug dealer!

Residual income is money you get paid month after month for work you have already done. Legally and ethically.  Think of how a singer gets paid royalties on their songs, or authors get money from book sales. They continue to get paid long after they did the initial work of singing the song or writing the book.

Residual income can work for you too.

Network marketing is a very realistic way to change your financial outlook for the better and to make your financial future much brighter.

Think of this: If you were to go out into the big wide world and try to earn a million pounds you would probably take decades. You would work tirelessly year after year to earn as much as you could, and to save as much money as you could. You would probably have to make a huge number of sacrifices along the way concerning family, friends and leisure time.

Well, perhaps maybe one day you would make it, and get to a £1,000,000 bank balance. The beauty of that would be the fact that you could live off the interest alone.  So all you need is the initial million in the bank right? Wrong.

To create a similar amount of residual income through network marketing you would quite possibly have to spend 3 – 5 years working part time.

You can see why so many people choose network marketing as their wealth strategy!

When you build a solid network marketing business and you put in the effort and energy required to get it moving, you’re doing exactly what a millionaire would do with his or her millions, or a smart lottery winner would do with their winnings. These people would take that money, invest it, and live off the earnings from the investments. But instead of investing millions of dollars you are simply investing your time.

With residual income you are giving yourself the gift of freedom to choose and freedom to do what works for you.  You can make your own decisions about what works for you concerning your business, your time and your energy.

Residual income is the best kind of income you will ever earn.

Network marketing can change your life.

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