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Keeping Track

Keeping on track, and keeping track!

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and then distracted from the tasks that are going to move the business forward.

Keeping track

Tracking can help see what’s useful and what isn’t. There’s also a need for both short term gain activities and longer term, so bearing in mind there’s a danger of sounding like Bridget Jones’s diary for network marketers, here is the summary:

Short term activities:-

Prospects talked to – 8
Prospects interested in samples – 4
Follow up calls/emails/invitations – 43

Longer term activities:-

Training events attended – 2
Email system upgrade in preparation.

Tasks outstanding :-

Website for people interested in a business opportunity, continue progress with new email system, ongoing training.

Lessons this week :-

1. The more you know about the reasons someone might be interested in the product and/or business the easier it is to focus on what will help them move forward in a way that will suit them best, so keep asking questions about what they are looking for until it is crystal clear, and only then move on to talk in detail.
2. You can promote the product, you can promote the business, but you’re unlikely to do both at the same time effectively.

Priorities for next week:-

Calling prospects, direct mail to prospects, blog posts, publicity article, set up website, ongoing training, continue updating email system.

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