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Breakthrough research on ASEA wows scientists!

What causes respected scientists to make statements like these?

‘When we saw it we could hardly believe it!’ ‘, or ‘When the results came in I was, like, Wow!’

New breakthrough research shows profound benefits to the body as a result of drinking ASEA, changes that elite athletes have known for some time through their own experiences of improved endurance, performance and recovery.

Scientists speak about their findings here

The research, conducted by the renowned Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University, validates what ASEA drinkers all around the world already know: ASEA has significant positive benefits to the body.  The research findings were so significant that even the scientists doing the research were astonished by the results, including changes to 43 metabolites and free fatty acid mobilisation in the blood PRIOR to exercise.  Fatty acids are the main source of fuel for the body, and they mostly come from fat stores in the body known as adipose tissue.

Quite simply ASEA is the biggest breakthrough in health science for our generation.

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