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Scientific study proves ASEA gives more energy for life, to everyone!

Whilst athletes say….

“Now you have the elite scientists confirming what the elite athletes have already known; and it really makes ASEA impossible to ignore.” Cody Waite, professional cyclist

“ With ASEA I know that I can swim faster, and it’s nice to know that these PhD’s agree with me!” Diana MacManus, 3 times US National swim champion

….science has proved that everyone can reap the benefits of ASEA

The implications of this recent study by the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory go far beyond the world of elite athletes; it affects everyone who drinks ASEA.  Because the results of the study showed major changes took place BEFORE exercise, the athleticism of the test group was a non factor; the benefits came from simply drinking ASEA


The results showed that drinking 4oz of ASEA daily caused the body to release fat stores and make them available for fuel.

The scientists involved stated that even if they set aside the part of the study looking into the effects of ASEA on exercise, there is also the truly significant effect of the release of free fatty acids in the blood, fuel for life, that were seen with just 1 weeks supplementation of ASEA before exercise even took place.  They concluded that this would apply to more than just athletes.

In other words we are all athletes in this sport called life and ASEA gives more energy to enjoy it!