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Justin Wilson, Shares ASEA In Manchester

The First ASEA UK Event in Manchester was a brilliant success

Our UK wide team held their first event in Manchester last Saturday and it was an amazing success.

Led by Justin Wilson, ASEA’s Regional Vice President in Europe, we were joined  by Triple Diamonds from America  Alan Noble, Trish Schwenkler and Deni Robinson, and had a satellite link with ASEA Founders Verdis Norton and James Pack. We learned about ASEA’s background and science, heard many incredible stories about how ASEA is changing people’s lives in so many ways and were shown the unique business opportunity that ASEA is offering.

This is the first of many ASEA meetings that will reflect the huge momentum that is building for this product that will change lives across the globe.

If you would like to know about future events, national and local, then please sign up for more information.  If you have a few people who are interested in knowing more we can arrange for one of our team to give you a presentation about this amazing product