Verdis Norton, CEO And Founder Of ASEA

Verdis Norton was for years associated in a leadership position with one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world as the VP Strategy of Kraft foods a Fortune 500 company. Why after a long and highly successful career in corporate America did he come out of retirement and start a network marketing company?  He explains :-

Verdis Norton, CEO and founder of ASEA

Verdis Norton

“ASEA, LLC is the exclusive patent holder of the technology that produces Redox Signaling molecules. We are building a business on the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling molecules that exists outside living cells – the same molecules produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell of our body. These vitally important molecules help activate antioxidants, promote cellular health, enhance cellular communication, and speed the healing response – all functions critical to good health.

My vision is that ASEA will be a household name five years from now. It will be a name that is known around the world. We will be thriving in multiple countries throughout the globe. People will look at ASEA and recognize it as real and something that everyone needs.

ASEA is obviously different to than anything we’ve seen before, with distinct science, benefits and patents. Moreover, while most of the fundamentals of this business are the same as Fortune 500 companies, one big difference is its volunteer distribution channel that is comprised of mature, experienced and extremely motivated individuals and teams. They do a great job telling the ASEA story, which really resonates with people.

ASEA doesn’t fit any of the other traditional distribution models. We knew that it required a model capable of capitalizing on all the unique aspects of the product and company. ASEA is based on technology that is complex. One of our early struggles was finding a way to simply communicate what ASEA is and what it does. After reviewing all our options, we knew that the ASEA story would best be shared in face-to-face, person-to-person interaction. Network marketing is the perfect fit.

We knew people wouldn’t understand everything ASEA could do for them and their health without an explanation or a personal story, so we started looking into direct sales as an option. We knew it would be the fastest and most effective way to bring ASEA to the world.”

By Verdis Norton: CEO and co-founder of ASEA


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