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The 2 Minute Miracle Gel…..

It’s quick, easy to use and you can see the results straightaway. A lot of dead skin came off leaving me with soft, smooth, silky skin that felt and looked clear and fresh. My brother also tried it and he couldn’t believe the amount of dead skin that came off or how smooth his skin felt afterwards.


I tried the gel last night and I was impressed. It took a while for the gel to ball but once it did my skin felt clean, smooth and fresh and my mum said ‘Have you had a facial ?’ So I definitely want to purchase some more.

I can really see the difference.

My skin had a glow afterwards and a good colour. I caught sight of myself unexpectedly in the mirror and surprised myself. I could really see the difference. My skin was smoother as well as lighter and brighter. I tried some on my hands too and couldn’t believe the difference, they looked fantastic!